NatureMapping Centers

Environmental Education Organizations can become certified NatureMapping Centers.
Washington began developing a network of Centers in 2006.
Centers in other states can be found via the US map.


Affiliated Organizations

Parent Organizations

Washington Gap Analysis
The Gap Analysis Program identifies areas of high biodiversity and assesses the level of protection. Simply put, Gap is a proactive approach to keep common animals common and to maintain our quality of life. Learn more about the National GAP Program


WDFW Ecosystems Education and Project WILD
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has formed an Education Team to develop stewardship opportunities with schools and communities.

The University of Washington
The University of Washington fosters much of the research in the environmental and biological fields. Members of University of Washington's School of Fisheries have been instrumental in linking diverse agencies and organizations together in the hope that a better and larger database will result.

The National Biological Information Infrastructure
The U.S. Department of the Interior's Cooperative Research Unit Program has a history of collaboration among Universities. Cooperative Research Units work closely with the Fish and Wildlife Service to identify and address information needs required to effectively manage the Nation's fish and wildlife resources. The proposed NBII-2 network will meet the growing need land managers, managers, and researchers have to share biological data.

Collaborating Organizations

Shikari Tracking Guild

This is an international development project to capture, preserve, and disseminate the skills, art, and science of tracking. They extend an invitation to all of those who are serious about learning the art of tracking and about giving back to their community in a fun and exciting way.

CyberTracker Conservation

CyberTracker Conservation has blended the traditional art and science of tracking with present day technologies. This new concept in data collection is the result of an icon-driven software, which is designed to work from a PDA (personal digital assistant). A North American sequence was modified from fieldwork with the Kalahari bushman in Africa and used by the Shikari Tracking Guild. CyberTracker Conservation worked with The Shikari Tracking Guild and NatureMapping to modify this technology and developed NatureTracker. NatureTracker (2011) has 12 states with their own species lists incorporated into one "sequence" allowing users to travel among states and use the same software.

Wilderness Awareness School


The Wilderness Awareness School partnered with The NatureMapping Program to incorporate a more traditional appreciation for the natural world. Their Kamana program is designed to give participants a comprehensive exposure to the animals, and environmental dynamics of their own area. Wilderness Awareness School and NatureMapping are blending philosophies to give participants an individual awareness trail through workshops and distant learning opportunities.




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