NatureMapping Founders

Karen Dvornich - National Director

Karen is the co-founder and National Director of The NatureMapping Program and was the Outreach Coordinator for the Washington Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at the University of Washington. She was Project Assistant for Washington Gap Analysis Project, the first statewide assessment of biodiversity. During her 20 years at the Coop Unit, she conducted biodiversity research and implementation of GAP and NatureMapping datasets for county and community planning. Now retired, she continues to consult through the NatureMapping Foundation and assists centers in developing interactive maps.

Karen began working with Informal Science Education organizations in 2005 to create a network of NatureMapping Centers through out US educating and supporting schools and communities in conservation planning and field research projects while providing credible data to the NatureMapping database. She has B.S. degrees in Zoology and Animal Behavior and over 20 years experience in telecommunications and information technology.


Margaret Tudor - Executive Director of the Pacific Education Institute

Margaret is the co-founder of the NatureMapping Program.

Margaret served as the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Program Manager for Environmental and Wildlife Education until she retired in 2013 and is now the Executive Director of the Pacific Education Institute (PEI), which conducts formal assessments of student learning.

She received her B.S. in Geology from the University of Adelaide, South Australia, an M.S. in Environmental Health from the University of Hawaii, and a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Wisconsin.

Dan Hannafious - Program Development

Dan was the Assistant Director for the Hood Canal Project Center, Salmon Enhancement Group until March, 2013. He was responsible for salmon-related projects, education programming, and GIS development.

He served as a trainer for NatureMapping Data Collection and Monitoring Workshops. He trains new NatureMapping state coordinators at National Meetings and develops workshop materials for community research projects.

Dan has a B.S. degree in Wildlife Science from Oregon State University.


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