Washington NatureMapping Program

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NatureMapping Data

NatureMapping Data Collection Guide

Getting started with NatureMapping is easy. You can start by taking a training workshop or you can learn how to NatureMap on your own.

NatureMapping involves four easy steps.

1) Sign up to be a NatureMapper.
     Fill out the online registration form »

2) Learn how to complete the data collection form
     Data Collection Form (pdf)

     Go here for Water Data Entry

3) Submit your data in one of two ways:

NatureMapping spreadsheet -
     NatureMapping spreadsheet instructions (pdf)
     Washington spreadsheet (xls)
     Download a spreadsheet for a state

     Upload spreadsheet data here

Or Online [New Feature] -
     NM Online Data Entry (website)
     Online Data Entry Instructions (pdf)

4) Access NatureMapping Data.
     View maps

NatureMapping Handouts and Forms

NatureMapping Training Workshops are Available

NatureMapping Program

NatureMapping Data Submission Guide

Step 1. Prepare your data for submission.

First, download the Data Master spreadsheet here.

Save the spreadsheet with File Save As your ID code_YYYY-MM-DD

Example: a NatureMapper with the ID code of 4799, who collected data on November 16, 2006 saves the Excel file as 4799_2006-11-16.xls

Next, follow the instructions for filling out the Data Master spreadsheet. Data Master Spreadsheet Instructions (pdf)

After you have the spreadsheet completed, you will be ready to submit your data to NatureMapping.

Step 2. Submit your data.

NatureMapping data spreadsheets are sent directly to the NatureMapping coordinator.

To submit your data, please use the Data Submission Form on this website or attach the data spreadsheet to an email note addressed to your NatureMapping coordinator. For email submission, please use the subject line NatureMapping Data from [Your ID Number YYYY-MM-DD].

Subject: NatureMapping Data from 4799 2006-11-16

Data Submission Form >>

Thank you for participating in the NatureMapping Program

NatureMapping Data Access

Access the NatureMapping data online. View the Wildlife Distribution Maps here.

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