Biodiversity: A large variety of species
within an ecosystem or habitat

by: Alyssa Jordan
Chase Middle School

Biodiversity is many things
Birds, trees, flowers
Everything helps everything
Sit and watch for hours

Robins, sparrows, mallards, and blackbirds
Are all a part of it too
Seems like you could put it all into words
But then you don't want to

Why make something lose its beauty
Just so you can say
I went walking through the city
And saw a flower today?

Many words can not express
The way nature enriches lives
We can put it to the test
We can see how much it thrives

Animals are quickly disappearing
And cultures, one per week
The songbird's song we won't be hearing
What would they say if they could speak?

Arrow leaved balsamroot
And little grass widows
Nature in many ways is cute
I hope it never goes

Nature is beautiful in many ways
But humans can ruin it so switfly
Nature isn't seen much these days

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