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10. Name that Habitat - Answers

2. Adding the 2nd and 3rd numbers to the habitat code

The Habitat Code is built going left to right. The first number is the general habitat code. The 2nd number describes the habitat in more detail and the 3rd number in even more detail. Usually the Habitat Code is explained beginning with the last number and ending with the first number.

What is the code for a:

  • light residential development? (Answer: 231)
  • gravel pit with little to no plants or grass? (Answer: 213)
  • Freshwater marsh surrounded by emergent (sticking out of the water) herbs/shrubs? (Answer: 522)
  • Stream with conifer trees on both sides (Answer: 534)

What are the codes for the 3 habitats in this picture? (Answer: 130 Beach, 111 Cliffs, 420 Ocean)

beach photo

NatureMapping Activities

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