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3. Field Guide Frenzy

gbh clue sample

Use clues to identify the hidden species.

Student’s Guide:

  1. There are 3 sets of clue cards that will be used throughout these Activities. Each set is harder than the one before it. Go online and practice identifying species. Species clues >
  2. Use field guides to research the clues and identify the species. You must be able to explain to the rest of the class how you are certain you have identified the correct species.
  3. Read your clues to the rest of the class, one clue at a time until someone in the class correctly identifies the species.
  4. Now you are going to make your own set of clues.
  5. Your teacher will give you the name of a species found in your area. Use the field guides or Internet to research identifying characteristics about your new species. List 6 clues.
  6. Read these clues to the rest of the class, one clue at a time, until the species is correctly identified OR
  7. Create your own "Field Guide Frenzy" using Powerpoint.
    See these examples from 4th graders. ( Sagebrush Lizard | Side-blotched Lizard )
  8. Break into teams of 2 students.
  9. Open Powerpoint on your computers. Find and insert a picture of a species found in your area: animal, fish, plant, or insect.
  10. Make 6 shapes to cover your picture.
  11. Using the rubric below make your 6 clues.
  12. Test your classmates with your Powerpoint.

Field Guide Frenzy

  4 3 2 1
Pictures Clear Show details
Show the whole body
Shows the body too soon Not clear
Hard to see the animal
Facts Clues build on each other Clues descriptive with size and weight Clues hard to understand, not descriptive Clues vague
Gives answer too soon
Shapes Show most prominent clue last Change in random fashion Pieces fit together Color hard on the eyes
Sizes don't cover the body
Moves left to right showing the easiest clue too soon
Conventions Clear text
New words are defined
Spelling, grammar, and punctuation correct Spelling correct
Grammatical errors
Can't read the text
Font too small


Taxonomic group - animal or plant group having natural relations.

Species - a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding.

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