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Media Credits

Credits for Animal Facts

  • Tim Knight, a biologist and web editor, prepared most of the animal facts pages using personal observations, field guides, books, journals and reliable online resources. Typically, three to ten sources were used to develop each fact sheet.
  • The Spanish version of the animal facts were prepared by Waterville high-school students and reviewed by their teacher.
  • Dave Lester created the distribution maps and related web pages.
  • Karen Dvornich reviewed the animal facts and distribution maps for accuracy.

    Special thanks to Alan and Elaine Wilson of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia who generously provided many outstanding photos via Natures Pic's.

Citation of NatureMapping Content

With a few exceptions, NatureMapping web pages and fact sheets are fully sourced, bylined, and dated to provide authoritative references for personal, journalistic, and scholastic use. Different stylebooks, mainly the Chicago Manual of Style, the MLA Style Manual, and the Associated Press Stylebook, have different citation styles. For most purposes, we recommend using the following format (shown with a sample essay) to cite NatureMapping:

NatureMapping, "American Robin Facts" (by Tim Knight), (accessed ).

Credits for Photographs

The following individuals and organizations generously contributed photos to the NatureMapping website:
  • Robert Ambaum (RA)
  • Karen Bick (KB)
  • Bert Cushing (BC)
  • Kathy Dickerson (KD), Kitsap PUD
  • Karen Dvornich (KMD), NatureMapping - COOP Unit, University of Washington
  • Chris Foote (CF), School of Fisheries, University of Washington
  • Global Aqua (GA), Global Aqua-USA L.L.C., Seattle, WA.
  • Tim Knight (TFK), University of Washington
  • Jean Meridith (JM), University of Washington
  • Natures Pic's (NP), Alan and Elaine Wilson - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
  • Annie Phillips (AP), Washington Department of Ecology
  • Rob Plotnikoff (RP), Washington Department of Ecology
  • Taylor Shellfish Farms (TSF), Shelton, WA
  • Glenn Van Blaricom (GV), COOP Unit, University of Washington
  • Washington Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, School of Fisheries, University of Washington (COOP)
  • Bill Zook, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (BZ)

Credits for Graphics/Illustrations

  • Alaska Video Publishing (AVP)
  • Ken Atkins (KA), University of Washington
  • IFAS, Center for Aquatic Plants, University of Florida, Gainsville, 1990 (IFAS))
  • Tim Knight (TFK), University of Washington
  • Missouri Department of Conservation ("Bug-in-the-bottle" logo)
  • Robert Naiman (RM), School of Fisheries, University of Washington
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administratoin (NOAA)
  • Sandra Noel (SN)


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