Non-Breeding Birds Distribution Map

NatureMapping Observations throughout the year

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper (Calidris acuminata)

The Washington Gap Analysis Project created breeding bird maps only. The non-breeding birds (e.g., wintering, pelagic (coastal), and birds expanding their ranges) are represented only by NatureMapping sightings.

The Washington Gap Analysis Project could not find any historical research records (i.e., Breeding Bird Atlas, Breeding Bird Survey, Bird Banding and Recovery) for 73 species of birds. The Sharp-tailed Sandpiper is one of the species.

NM observation maps

NatureMapping observations reported by townships throughout the year.

Species Distribution Information

This Siberian breeder is a casual spring migrant and a common fall migrant in western Alaska. During fall, it is a rare but regular migrant along the entire west coast. This sandpiper is a rare, irregular fall migrant on Washington's outer coast, often in the company of the Pectoral Sandpipier. Favored sites include Ocean Shores, Leadbetter Point, and Dungeness. It is casual in eastern Washington (Potholes, Walla Walla River Delta). Almost all of the Audubon sightings have been juveniles. There are two Audubon reports of adults; Leadbetter Point in April (the only spring Audubon sighting for the state); Crockett Lake in July.

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