Non-Breeding Birds Distribution Map

NatureMapping Observations throughout the year

Xantus' Murrelet (Synthliboramphus hypoleucus)

The Washington Gap Analysis Project created breeding bird maps only. The non-breeding birds (e.g., wintering, pelagic (coastal), and birds expanding their ranges) are represented only by NatureMapping sightings.

The Washington Gap Analysis Project could not find any historical research records (i.e., Breeding Bird Atlas, Breeding Bird Survey, Bird Banding and Recovery) for 73 species of birds. The Xantu's Murrelet is one of the species.

NM observation maps

NatureMapping observations reported by townships throughout the year.

Species Distribution Information

This seabird is seen rarely off the southern and central California coasts in the fall, usually just few miles off-shore. It nests off Baja California in colonies on rocky islands, ledges, and sometimes in dense vegetation. It wanders regularly in late summer and fall, after breeding, as far north as Washington State. In the State of Washington, there is an average of one Audubon sighting per year of this murrelet, of the northen-breeding subspecies scrippsi. On Westport pelagic trips, almost all Audubon sightings are in the ball. Observers on research vessels report small numbers of the southern-breeding subspecies hypoleucus during the same fall months, farther offshore.

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