Non-Breeding Birds Distribution Map

NatureMapping Observations throughout the year

Thick-billed Murre (Uria lomvia)

The Washington Gap Analysis Project created breeding bird maps only. The non-breeding birds (e.g., wintering, pelagic (coastal), and birds expanding their ranges) are represented only by NatureMapping sightings.

The Washington Gap Analysis Project could not find any historical research records (i.e., Breeding Bird Atlas, Breeding Bird Survey, Bird Banding and Recovery) for 73 species of birds. The Thick-billed Murre is one of the species.

NM observation maps

NatureMapping observations reported by townships throughout the year.

Species Distribution Information

This murre winters in open waters of its breeding range, stretching from Greenland into Hudson Bay, and in the Pacific from the Bering Sea to south-east Alaska. It nests in colonies on rocky cliffs off extreme northwest Alaska as well as off Greenland. This murre is a casual fall and winter visitor on the outer Washington Coast's pelagic waters. It is accidental in the Straits of Juan de Fuca and Georgia. Dates of Audubon sightings range from late September to mid-February, with a strong peak in December.

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