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GAP Analysis Predicted Distribution Map

Red-naped Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus nuchalis)

Species Code: SPNU

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Breeding Range Map
The green area shows the predicted habitats for breeding only. The habitats were identified using 1991 satellite imagery, Breeding Bird Atlas (BBA), other datasets and experts throughout the state, as part of the Washington Gap Analysis Project. Habitats used during non-breeding months and migratory rest-stops were not mapped.

Metadata (Data about data or how the map was made)

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Map with Breeding Bird Atlas records

Other maps & Information:
  • Breeding Bird Atlas
  • NatureMapping observations
    during breeding season
  • NatureMapping observations
    throughout the year

This species was a very local and irruptive breeder in southwestern Klickitat County. There were two sites with confirmed nesting activity and a third with possible nesting activity during the BBA period.

Breeders in Washington represent the northernmost subspecies M. f. bairdi. They were not known in Washington as of 1953. In fact, the first breeding record came from Lyle in Klickitat County in 1990. This report is prefaced by a sighting of nine birds at Lyle in October 1989, with an unsubstantiated report of occurrence there in summer 1989. This site is on the Klickitat River. The birds were last seen there in 1991. The other known site is near Balch Lake. Birds have been present there since 1990 in sufficient numbers to be probable breeders. The site contains several acorn cache trees and suitable nesting cavities. A pair near Bickleton in June 1995 showed no evidence of breeding.

Translated from the Washington Gap Analysis Bird Volume by Uchenna Bright
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