GAP Analysis Predicted Distribution Map

Coast Mole (Scapanus orarius)

Species Code: SCOR

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Breeding Range Map
The green area shows the predicted habitats for breeding only. The habitats were identified using 1991 satellite imagery, other datasets and experts throughout the state, as part of the Washington Gap Analysis Project.

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Occurs in a wide range of habitats from sea level to subalpine forests. In lowlands, it occurs in pastures, gardens, cultivated fields, irrigated fruit orchards and grassy meadows, but avoids land subject to flooding. Its range narrows greatly at the north end of its range. In Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish and northern King County, it is probably confined to lowlands along the Sound and to river bottoms below 1000 feet. On the Olympic Peninsula, it goes up to about 5000 or 6000 feet.

In all forested zones except Ponderosa Pine, water/wetlands (except estuarine), non-forested, and forested habitats were good; agriculture and low-density development were adequate.

Translated from the Washington Gap Analysis Mammal Volume by Dave Lester
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