GAP Analysis Predicted Distribution Map

Townsend's Chipmunk (Tamias Townsendii)

Species Code: TATO

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Breeding Range Map
The green area shows the predicted habitats for breeding only. The habitats were identified using 1991 satellite imagery, other datasets and experts throughout the state, as part of the Washington Gap Analysis Project.

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Found in coniferous and hardwood forests from the Pacific Coast to treeline in the Olympics and Cascades. At treeline, it occupies tree islands, and, to a lesser degree, other vegetated habitats surrounding the islands. It does not go above that level into the alpine zone. Found in clear cuts and burns on the west side of the Cascade crest on the eastside found predominantly in coniferous forests above Ponderosa Pine. In Puget Sound, found only on Lopez, Orcas and Whidbey Islands.

Core zones were all forested zones west of the Cascade crest; east of the crest, core in Sub-alpine Fir, Interior Western Hemlock, Interior Redcedar, and Grand Fir. In core zones, all forested habitat was good, non-forested was peripheral.

Translated from the Washington Gap Analysis Mammal Volume by Dave Lester
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