GAP Analysis Predicted Distribution Map

Washington Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus washingtoni)

Species Code: SPWA

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= Core Habitat
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Breeding Range Map
The green area shows the predicted habitats for breeding only. The habitats were identified using 1991 satellite imagery, other datasets and experts throughout the state, as part of the Washington Gap Analysis Project.

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Occurs in dry grassland or in patches of grass and other herbaceous plants within low open sagebrush. Prefers deep, loose soil, which it needs for digging burrows. The greater part of its current range is uncultivated steppe in Walla Walla, Franklin, Adams, Lincoln, and Grant Counties.

Steppe zones within its range were core with good habitat being in non-forested and pasture lands.

Translated from the Washington Gap Analysis Mammal Volume by Dave Lester
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