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Pierce County Biodiversity Network
Implementation in Gig Harbor

Through the
Pierce County Biodiversity Alliance (PCBA)

PCBA logoPCBA’s multi-pronged implementation strategy helps guide county planners in directing more intense development away from the identified bio-rich lands and can also guide private and public land conservation purchases or easements.

The PCBA selected Crescent Valley near Gig Harbor, one of the 16 Biodiversity Management Areas within the County Network as its pilot project in 2005. The process included working with the community to:

high tide

  • Conduct a bioblitz to see if the species that were predicted to occur were there.  Bioblitz 2005
  • Follow-up in 2006 with a Winter Bird Survey…14 bird predicted species not seen during the bioblitz were added - Winter Bird Count
  •  Conduct a series of community meetings to encourage the development of a community organization. As a result of the year-long process, the Crescent Valley Alliance was formed.  Crescent Valley Alliance website
  • History and Proposed Action Plans in 2006 (CVA mission)
  • Train residents and students to identify and monitor wildlife through NatureMapping workshops
    (2007 NM Workshop report )
  • Develop a Stewardship Plan for Crescent Valley (Crescent Valley Stewardship Plan)
  • Conduct an analyses to identify areas, such as the “l,000 Acre Forest” that were important to maintain the function of the Biodiversity Management Area, but fell outside the boundary (boundary analysis)

2009 Update:

The Crescent Valley Alliance in partnership with the Pierce County Biodiversity Alliance has submitted an application for a Pierce County Comprehensive Area-Wide Map Amendment to the Pierce County Executive’s Office.

  • The intent of this amendment is to maintain the rural high tidecharacter
    of Crescent Valley and protect Crescent Creek, the aquifer, and fish and wildlife habitat.
  • Increase the Biodiversity Management Area (BMA) from 800 acres to 3,518 automatically qualifying all residents within the BMA for tax incentives.
  • Read the Letter to Residents
  • View the map with the extended boundary

For more information contact:

Crescent Valley Alliance