Protecting Biodiversity in Pierce County
Through Open Space Planning

Creation of a Biodiversity Network for Pierce County

The multi-year process included:

The Pierce County Biodiversity Alliance (PCBA)

PCBA logo

The Pierce County Biodiversity Alliance (PCBA) is comprised of a unique group of stakeholders, representing governmental, academic and non-profit agencies, whose mission is to preserve the long-term biodiversity of Pierce County. The main emphasis of the PCBA is non-regulatory in nature and instead focuses on public outreach to property owners within this network, providing education on how to maintain the habitats and biological diversity. The PCBA goal is to provide detailed information on habitat quality and species presence/viability, restoration opportunities, and priorities for conservation and land acquisition for each BMA.

Biodiversity Management Areas - Community Meetings and Bioblitz Reports
  • Kitsap County
  • North Bay
  • Gig Harbor - Crescent Valley (2005)
    Stewardship Plan
  • Greenwater
  • Lake Bay
  • McNeil Island
  • Ketron Island
  • Upland
  • Norse Peak
  • Nisqually Delta - Roy BMA (2009)
  • Puyallup River
  • Shoreline
  • Upper Nisqually River
  • Lewis County
  • Rainier
  • White River
  • Lower White River (LWR) (Began 2007, Stewardship Plan will be completed March, 2016)
    Stewardship Plan
    • City of Auburn's chapter
    • City of Buckley's chapter
    • City of Pacific's chapter
    • City of Sumner's chapter
    • King County's chapter

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