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2nd Grade Ornithologist

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We study birds in our classroom

Scientific Question & Analysis:

robin drawing

Birds of Waterville

There are many species of birds in Waterville.

Great horned owl
Females are like the males, only larger.
Interesting facts:
They are sometimes called flying tigers because they are such fierce birds of prey.
Habitat: Big pine trees in Waterville

American Robin
Gray with a rusty red breast and white eye ring.
Interesting facts:

  • Robins are very territorial birds
  • They are often seen fighting their own reflection in a window
  • Robins like to take baths in puddles or birdbaths
    Habitat: Suburbs, parks, and farmlands


    Northern Flicker
    Female look like the male, but doesn’t have the red mustache
    Interesting facts:

  • Flickers are expert climbers.
  • Their call sounds something like wick, wick, wick
    Habitat: Waterville and Pine Canyon in evergreen trees like fir and pine.

  • Definitions:

    Ornithologist = One who studies birds.

    Ornithology = The branch of zoology that studies birds.


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