Waterville 3rd Grade

Literate About Biodiversity of the Waterville Plateau

3rd Grade Entomologist

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We study insects in our classroom


Scientific Questions & Analysis:

Insects of Waterville

Dragonfly – Order Odonata photo

Odonata are very great insects. They have interesting bodies. Their thorax is huge! It is really long and it’s shaped like the rod on a fishing pole. Odonata have a head that is the size of a peal. Do you want to know how fast dragonflies go? Odonata can fly up to 60 mph. That is as fast as a cheetah.

Can you imagine having to eat insects like flies and bees like Odonata? Yuck! That would be so disgusting, because it wouldn’t taste very good! In conclusion you have learned how wonderful dragonflies really are.


Entomologist = One who studies insects.

Entomology = The branch of zoology that studies insects.


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