Little River Boy

The Adventures Begin

Miss Isherwood, Chuck's favorite teacher, noticed his distress in this project. " You look pretty glum, Chuck. Is this project troubling you? Because that would be a bad thing!" Miss Isherwood questioned.

"Well...," Chuck muttered. "Why don't you take that canoe of yours on the class field trip up to the trail off Eloika Road?" She interrupted, "Maybe you can find something interesting to add to it."

However, the field trip didn't seem to help Chuck. When he got off of the bus, he tripped and ripped his brand new jeans. While walking up the trail, he stepped in a sinkhole that nobody else seemed to notice and nearly lost his boot. When the teachers announced that they were to be partnered...

They walked down the trail to look at the beautiful waterfall that was totally out of the way, but Susie wanted to see it.

"Like, like, uh, Chuck. Like what if instead of like saying we already have on the boat, we could like say..." Susie started into an ecstatic cheer, "ROW, ROW, ROW! GO, GO, GO! ROW AND GO! YEEEAAHHH!!!

That was the straw that broke the camel's back. Chuck loved what was on the bottom of the boat and it was the only thing that the whole class could agree on. He could recite the poem forwards, backwards, and in his sleep:


In the water on this day,
The water floats me on my way,
In the water, rivers flow,
The water takes me where I go.

Chuck couldn't take it anymore, everyone hated everything. No one could agree on any one little thing. Everyone hated him and his stupid project. Rage boiled up inside him and before he could think to control himself, Chuck chucked his Little River Boy.

"Well like, like you didn't have to do that!" Susie exclaimed.

Map of the Little Spokane Watershed

The Little Spokane Watershed

The Little Spokane Watershed's size is about 625 square miles. The watershed is located in Eastern Washington. It is a small part of the Columbia River Watershed. The Little Spokane River is part of the Larger Spokane River. The Larger Spokane River enters the Spokane River after it has flowed about 25 miles.


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