NatureTracker is used to gather and map fish, wildlife, insects, and plant data.

Utilizing CyberTracker's unique ability to display icons, text or both,
data collection is much faster and consistent.

NatureTracker Information CyberTracker

  • You don't need a handheld or phone to collect data from the same area! See Support below.
  • NatureTracker Simulator
    a preview of the simulator that runs on Pocket PC's and smart phones (Android application for specific areas will be available soon).
  • Field Research
    is a step-by-step process how data are collected and displayed.
  • Using NatureTracker for a Bioblitz
    provides examples from bioblitzes where 50-160 people collect data and using only two laptops to display, and finalize data.
  • Projects
    highlights examples from around the United States.
  • Support
    provides information on the latest CyberTracker features, materials, state sequences and help files.
  • Order form or Order Online


What is CyberTracker?

Central Park Bioblitz data
    CyberTracker software is a database management program that allows programmers to develop their own data collection "sequence" (i.e. NatureTracker) consisting of screens, data fields, and icons. Cybertracker Conservation developed the software and its mammal tracking data collection "sequence" was designed to preserve the ancient tracking skills of Bushmen in the Kalahari for posterity. It allows Bushmen to record when and where wildlife is seen by pressing icons on the screen that represent different animal species and behaviors. Data points are displayed over maps as shown for the Central Park Bioblitz.

    See video Tracking in the Cyber Age


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