Water Module   


Rivers and Streams

Manuals/Technical Guidelines

  • GREEN Stapp manual
    • Field Manual for Water Quality Monitoring: An Environmental Education Program for Schools, 11th edition
      Mark K. Mitchell, M.S., and William B. Stapp, Ph.D.
      copyright 1997
      publisher: Kendall-Hunt Publishing
      Dubuque, Texas
      Order through GREEN
      206 S. 5th Avenue
      Suite 150
      Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA
      (313) 761-8142
      Faxz: (313) 761-4951
      Cost: $19.95 plus 10% shpping and handling
  • Project WET address/manual
  • EPA Streamwalk Manual, March, 1992.
    • EPA, Region 10
      1200 Sixth Avenue
      Seattle, WA 98101
  • Streamkeeper's Field Guide: Watershed Inventory and Srtream Monitoring Methods, The Adopt-A-Stream Foundation, Tom Murdock, Martha Cheo with Kate O'Laughlin, 1996.
    • The Adopt-A-Stream Foundation
      600 128th Street SE
      Everett, WA 98208
  • Cusimano, 1994 - on Levels list...need full reference
  • Coots, 1995 ditto
  • Instream Biological Assessment Monitoring Protocols: Benthic Macroinvertebrates
    R.W. Plotnikoff
    June, 1994
    Washington State Department of Ecology publication #94-113
    To order call: (360) 407-7472
  • Allan, J.D. 1995. The river continuum concept. in Stream Ecology: structure and function of running waters. Chapman & Hall, New York. pp. 276-281 pp.276-281.
  • Michaud, Joy, 1991. A Citizen's Guide to Understanding and Monitoring Lakes and Streams. Ecology PUblication No. 94-149, Department of Ecology, Olympia WA. 66pp.
  • Minshall, G.W., R.C. Petersen, T.L. Bott, C.E. Cushing, K.W. Cummins, R.L. Vannote and J.R. Sedell. 1992. Stream ecosystem dynamics of the Salmon River, Idaho: an 8th-order system. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 11(2): 111-137.
  • Minshall, G.W., R.C. Petersen, K.W. Cummins, T.L. Bott, J.R. Sedell, C.E. Cushing and R.L. Vannote. 1983. Interbiome comparison of stream ecosystem dynamics. Ecological Monographs 53(1): 1-25.
  • Vannote, R.L., G.W. Minshall, K.W. Cummins, J.R. Sedell and C.E. Cushing. 1980. The river continuum concept. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 37(1): 130-137.
  • Monitoring Guideline to Evaluate Effects of Forestry Activities on Streams in Pacific Northwest and Alaska. EPA #910/9-91/001. May, 1991.
  • Influences of Forest and Rangeland Management on Salmonid Fishes and Their Habitats. Bjorn & Reiser, edited by William R. Meehan, American Fisheries Society Species Publication 19:83-138. 191

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