How to Participate

How to Participate in the NatureMapping Program

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The NatureMapping Program allows you to progress your learning and experiences at your own pace. You can stay at Data Collection and Monitoring as long as you want or go through the progressive steps to conduct field research.
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Volunteer Opportunities

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Our goal is to provide opportunities for you to volunteer your time and expertise. You can volunteer for some NatureMapping projects without having to take a workshop or be a NatureMapper. But beware before you know it, you might become part of the NatureMapping Field Corps of volunteers.


Getting started with NatureMapping involves four easy steps.

1) Sign up to be a NatureMapper.
     Fill out the online registration form »

2) Learn how to complete the data collection form
     Data Collection Form (pdf)

     Go here for Water Data Entry

3) Submit your data in one of two ways:

NatureMapping spreadsheet -
     NatureMapping spreadsheet instructions (pdf)
     California spreadsheet (xls)
     Download a spreadsheet for a state

     Upload spreadsheet data here

Or Online [New Feature] -
     NM Online Data Entry (website)
     Online Data Entry Instructions (pdf)

4) Access NatureMapping Data.
     View maps


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Forms and Information by State

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A NatureMapping Project featured by the The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Leapin' Lizards!:
Students as Data Collectors
Toad Tracking

Through their work in a NatureMapping field project, fourth-grade students from Waterville Elementary School hone their reading, writing, and math skills while making meaningful contributions to science.
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