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Pierce County Biodiversity Network

Community Meetings

The Lower White River Biodiversity Management Area is the second pilot being conducted by the Pierce County Biodiversity Alliance (PCBA). Its goals are to:

  • educate landowners within the BMA about tax incentives
  • use the template for community meetings developed for the Gig Harbor BMA and assess its effectiveness
  • test the Gig Harbor's Stewardship Plan template for the Lower White River, and
  • work with local jurisdictions within the Lower White BMA to complement their existing open space efforts

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    Lower White River Bioblitz Results (2006 and 2007)

    Two bioblitzes have been held in the Lower White River.

  • June 2-3, 2006. Marion Grange Hall was "Science Central" where all the scientists, staff, and volunteers gathered. The Lower White River Biodiversity Management Area (BMA) is shown as white in the map. The bioblitz was divided into north, central and south areas.

    enlarge map

  • April 20, 2007. The cities of Auburn and Pacific were the focus of a 12-hour bioblitz.


    Final results
    Lower White River Bioblitz 2006 Final Tally (pdf)
    Predicted vs Observed (2006-2007) (pdf)
    Final Plant List (2006-2007) (pdf)
    Bioblitz Report - 2006 (pdf)
    City of Pacific Bioblitz Report - 2007 (pdf)
    City of Auburn Bioblitz Report - 2007 (pdf)
    Non-native Plant List (pdf)

    Pacific (2006) (pdf) Pacific (2007) (pdf) Auburn (2007) (pdf)

    Marion Grange Hall was the "Science Central" site for the 2006 Bioblitz.

    Over 100 scientists, taxa experts, volunteers,land owners and news media participated in the 24-hour inventory of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and plants.

    Armed with handheld computers with NatureMapping's NatureTracker software, teams reported the locations of 123 species of fish and wildlife, 207 land and aquatic insects, and 229 species of plants.

    Data collection points in the southern part of the Bioblitz area, near Science Central. Data will be stored in the NatureMapping database.
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    White River BioBlitz - Spider Collecting Photo Album by Rod Crawford